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Stafford Castle

Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1DJ

Address: Stafford Castle, Newport Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 1DJ
Phone Number: 01785 257698 or 01785 619131
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Stafford Castle is the remains of a 14th century castle located near Stafford in Staffordshire.

The current motte and bailey style castle was built during the 1300s, replacing an earlier timber fortress, with rebuilding and additions in later centuries.

The castle remains include the keep, plus inner and outer baileys and a number of informational panels around the grounds telling the history of the castle. Recent archaeological excavations have made discoveries which have added to the history.

There is also a sixteen bed herb garden in the grounds to replicate a feature that would have been a part of the castle in historical times. An exhibition, in the visitor centre, has artefacts on display plus interactive exhibits and an audio-visual presentation.

There is also a regular programme of special events that occur at the castle throughout the year.

  • Car parking.
  • Shop selling books, toys, ice creams, soft drinks, sweets, locally crafted gifts and souvenirs.

Opening Times & Ticket Prices:

Before you start your journey to Stafford Castle for your day out, we recommend that you check their website or contact them to confirm opening times and admission prices.

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